NSW Young Liberal Executive Team

Harry Stutchbury, President - Recruitment


Josh Crawford, Metropolitan Vice President - Professional Networking

Brigid Meney, Metropolitan Vice President - Female Engagement

Dimitry Palmer, Country and Regional Vice President - Policy


Chaneg Torres, Secretary - Policy Submissions


Liam Garman, Treasurer - Social Media Strategy


Jessie Nguyen, Tertiary Institutions Liaison Officer


David Nouri , Director - Flying Squad

Sam Tedeschi, Director - Professional Development

Jordan Lane, Director - Alumni and Fundraising

Marc Stanghieri , Director - Engagement and Development

Matthew Hana , Director - Community Outreach

Dean Shachar, Director - Administration Support


Jessie Nguyen, Tertiary Institutions Liaison Officer

Hannah Monaghan, Officer - Policy

Dom Bondar, Officer - Administration

Matthew Kong, Officer - Support