PETITION TO wind back lockout laws

The lockout laws in NSW are stifling free enterprise and affecting the night time economy. They are an affront to individual responsibility and we were vocal opponents when they were introduced.

A fresh debate about these laws is expected in the coming weeks, and we believe the Government can strike a better balance between ensuring our safety and imposing on citizens’ lives and businesses.

Now, we are calling on the Berejiklian Government to wind back the lockout laws, including:

  1. Allowing venues with a strong safety record to opt-out of restrictive regulations;

  2. Allowing neat spirits to be served after midnight; and

  3. Addressing misbehaviour where it occurs, rather than the current broad-brush approach that presumes guilt.


sign our petition now to send a message that these laws need to change

We will be delivering the list of signatories to key stakeholders in the NSW Government ahead of the debate.

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